Hamley & Co.

The Hamley & Co. history began in Cornwall, England, where the trade of saddle and leather craftsmanship was passed down from generation to generation. The Hamley tradition found its way to America and in 1883, J.J. and Henry Hamley established Hamley & Co. In 1905, Hamley & Co. found a permanent home in Pendleton, Oregon and set up shop in the same building that exists today. The business soon developed a reputation throughout the West as the maker of the finest saddles a man could ride. J.J. Hamley was instrumental in organizing the first Pendleton Round-Up and served as a director for many years. Over the years, Hamley & Co. has provided hundreds of Round-Up trophy saddles and 58 World Champions have ridden Hamley saddles.

After watching Hamley & Co. struggle for years, Blair Woodfield and Parley Pearce became interested in the business. Both men were raised on cattle ranches and were very familiar with Hamley cowboy gear. Growing up, visiting the Hamley store was considered a special event and Blair and Parley were both aware of the quality and tradition the Hamley name represented. They, along with countless patrons, mourned the decline of the Hamley & Co. business. They acquired the building and trademark rights, finally allowing Hamley & Co. to once again operate as in days gone by. With pride, they began the resurrection of this great Western icon.

The new owners oversaw the building's dramatic renovation that brought to life aspects of Hamley & Co. from 1905, with pieces of the 1950 remodel and finishing touches of today. After six months of construction, the company reopened in September 2005, one week before the Pendleton Round-Up and just in time to celebrate the first century of Hamley & Co. in Pendleton, Oregon.

Additional historic buildings were purchased on the corner of Main Street and Court Street, and after a nine-month renovation, Hamley Steakhouse opened in 2007.

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