Hamley Steakhouse and Saloon introduces to the market, the first ever Oregon-Made Straight Wheat Whiskey.

Pendleton, Oregon—August 17, 2012—Hamley Steakhouse and Saloon releases to the public, the first ever Oregon-Made Straight Wheat Whiskey on the market today. Hamley Whiskey is a small batch Wheat Whiskey, grown, distilled and bottled in Eastern Oregon by Stein Distillery of Joseph, Oregon. Stein’s distinctive wheat properties, proprietary distilling practices and aging process makes Hamley Whiskey a truly unique and exceptional product.

Because it is made with local Oregon wheat, Hamley Whiskey has a unique, more mellow taste profile, softer than bourbon so it delivers a smooth high quality cocktail without an overpowering or heavy taste experience. Patrons will delight in its vibrant chestnut color, nose of brown sugar and soft oak, subtle drinkable palate and warm toasted pecan finish. Served neat, on the rocks or blended with a variety of mixers, Hamley Whiskey is perfect for creating an endless array of crisp and refreshing drink recipes.

As a straight whiskey, Hamley meets all the same criteria as Bourbon or rye, aged a minimum of two years in new, charred oak barrels, distilled at less than 160 proof and contains no coloring, flavoring or blending agents.

HAMLEY & CO. has been a Pendleton, Oregon Icon since 1905. Hamley Steakhouse and Saloon continues this proud tradition and brings to the market the regions only locally grown, distilled and bottled whiskey that honors the proud tradition of wheat farmers and ranchers across the state of Oregon.